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The Use Of Oud Oil

Throughout history and in our current age, Oud wood and Oud oil have remained essential for their fragrance and medicinal, spiritual and artistic purposes. Here are some of the most common uses.

• Religious

Oud Wood and Oud Oil always feature in many religions and philosophies, during rituals or sacred ceremonies (weddings, funerals, prayers, etc.). Its mostly used by Buddhists (Buddhism), Taoists (Taoism), Hindus (Hinduism), Muslims (Islam), Catholics (Catholicism) and Christians.

• Medical 

Oud Oil has a recognised medicinal and therapeutic use, especially in the traditional medicines of China, the Arabic world, Tibet, India and in South-East Asia.

• Artistic

Oud Wood with Its pleasant scent and rarity make it a precious material for sculpture. Large and intact pieces of aloeswood that can be sculpted are challenging to find. The art pieces made entirely of oud wood are scarce, and furniture pieces entirely made in agarwood are even rarer.

• Fragrance & Cosmetics

Nowadays, Oud Oil is highly valued in the luxury sector of the fragrance, fashion and beauty world, It’s used as the base note in many high-end luxury perfumes, Its use in the fragrance world has seen demand soar to all-time highs. Luxury fragrance fans often describe the oil as “the scent from heaven”.

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