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Top Benefits of Oud Oil You Should Know About

Agarwood oil –also referred to as the Oud Oil or Aloeswood Oil, it is a truly unique essential oil. Due to its wide range of potential benefits, the Agarwood oil has been gaining impetus in recent times across the globe. 

Agarwood or Oud made out of the heart of the Agarwood tree –commonly found in India and Southeast Asia. As the agarwood become infected, it turns into a dark, fragrant resin. Out of this resin, the all-natural, beneficial Oud oil is extracted from. It can take several years for the resin of the Agarwood tree to form. As such, there is no wonder why Agarwood oil costs a pretty penny when bought from the international oil markets. 

Agarwood oil is known to contain rich antioxidants like phenolic acids along with useful plant nutrients including terpenoids, mangiferin, and cucurbitacins. This is the reason in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine; Oud Oil is highly prized. If you wish to bring home Oud Oil, know about some of its potential benefits:

  • Promotes Sleep: Having troubles while sleeping? Not able to sleep peacefully? Bring home the exclusive range of Oud Oil. Agarwood Oil is a popular natural sedative. For using the agarwood oil for promoting deep sleep, you can add the oil to a diffuser or take a whiff from the bottle containing oud oil. The oil works even better when blended with other essential oils like valor, lavender, chamomile, cedarwood, and so more. 
  • Alleviates Pain Including Arthritic and Rheumatic Conditions: With the specialized anti-arthritic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties, the essential Agarwood Oil helps in relieving pain and reducing the overall inflammation associated with arthritis and rheumatism. You can try massaging the painful areas with at least two drops of Oul Oil. For enhanced results, you can mix the Oud Oil with a little coconut oil for easing out the symptoms. 

The overall diuretic qualities of the Oud oil also help in promoting more frequent urination for flushing out the toxins and uric acid from the system. This helps in reducing the overall pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. You can also make use of around two drops of Agarwood oil in cold or hot compress for getting relief from muscular pain.

  • Supports the Digestive System: The stomachic, digestive, and carminative properties of Oud or Agarwood oil help in supporting smooth digestion while preventing the buildup of constipation and gas when ingested as a digestive. If you are suffering from painful gas from a long time, then Oud Oil can help in expelling the gas and reducing the overall discomfort. 

For getting relief from gas and digestive issues, you can make use of at least two drops of Oud Oil and mix the same with a carrier Agarwood Oil. You can massage the oil mixture on your upper as well as lower mid-abdomen region –depending on where exactly you are feeling the pain. The Agarwood Oil is known to stimulate the production of healthy digestive juices that are necessary for treating digestion, constipation, and bloating issues throughout the digestive system. 

  • Improves the Overall Skin Health: Oud Oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that make it immensely useful for a wide range of skin problems and conditions including swelling, puffiness, irritation, and redness. The antibacterial properties of Agarwood Oil will help in removing bacteria from the outer layers of the skin and reducing the number of spots due to acne or pimples. In the medical science of Ayurveda, Oud Oil is extensively used as a major treatment for a wide range of skin disorders and diseases. For ensuring the best results, make use of at least two drops of Oud Oil and mix the same with your regular skincare lotion or cream. 
  • Enhances Meditation: Oud oil can help in adding a completely different level of dimension in your life by enhancing your overall meditation practices. With the thousands of years of continuous utilization of the natural Oud Oil in spiritual science has established the Oud Oil as a leading pathway to achieving a deeper insight into oneself. 

You can make use of a single drop of the Agarwood Oil to the acupuncture points or Anoint Chakra centers. You can also diffuse the Oud Oil in some aromatherapy diffuser for surrounding yourself with the all-powerful & enticing fragrance of the otherworldly essential oil. The spiritual fragrance of the essential Oud Oil is known all around the world for having psychoactive properties that help in the progression of the entire spiritual journey. 

Make the most of the immense benefits of the essential Oud Oil.

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